The certification of a product or IT service is synonymous with "insurance" for the end customer; Cytrix provide customers, even in complete outsourcing, support and management of their resource certification processes.

Cytrix prepares the perfect setting to ensure that people acquire, maintain and improve the required skills. We provide paths that optimize the results in terms of: acquired knowledge, applied knowledge (with the support of simulated laboratories) and exam supporte.

Here some of our skills:

  • VM-Ware
  • Citrix
  • Red Hat e Linux
  • Juniper e Asterisk
  • CEH
  • PMP e ITIL
Flusso gare

Per il principale gruppo ICT del Paese, Cytrix supporta con un piano formativo il partner per conseguire il raggiungimento delle certificazioni HP UNIX, HP CSE e HP STORAGE

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