SCENE. Maintain data safe is the most complex challenge companies face today. Endpoints have become the weak point of information processing systems also and especially because they are not monitored and they are protect with obsolete systems. Attackers can easily obtain copies of these defense software and learn to trick them.

The most important characteristics of our solution are:

  • It cannot be FOUND, BYPASSED or TURNED OFF by the attackers.
  • Checks and protects computers CONSTANTLY, there is NO barrier beyond which the attacker is free to move.
  • o It also protects computers that are not in the company's network, such as the REMOTE USERS.
  • It can also recognize NEW ATTACKS (zero-day) because it learns the behavior of the environment in which it is installed and reports anomalies: it found the famous malware Eyepyramid without any description...
  • It can recognize and stop ALL RANSOMWARE, as well as recovering encrypted data. (Over 1 billion dollars in ransoms in 2016 alone).
  • o It gets stronger as time goes on (learning) and modifies so that no attacker can "train" to trick it.
  • o It detects breaches in real time (a huge help in view of the new General Data Protection Regulation).
  • o It helps to track the impact of the attacks in a very short time (1 minute compared to 30 minutes on average of competitor).
  • It can be used to SANITIZE the systems tracking known attacks, but for the first time also their VARIANT and DORMANT BACKDOORS.
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